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La etiqueta es parte importante del producto de artesanía y, además de contener el nombre de la marca, el logotipo y los datos de contacto, debe reflejar la filosofía y la estética de nuestras creaciones.

A craft product label is also part of the creative process. It must contain the brand name, the logo and contact details but it also must reflect the philosophy and aesthetics of our creations.



1. Design two labels, one large and one small. The shapes should be able to overlap
2. Print double-sided: in one side, print the labels and in the other side, the pattern of the brand
3. Cut the labels, join them and punch together
4. Choose the beads and insert two beads in a ring
5. Cut a cord and knot the ends. Enter the cord by the labels and the ring, pass the knot through the loop, stretch and … finished